The latest version of After Effects was released today (v15.0), and with it a slew of new features. One of those features allowed me to make the Curvy Connector preset!

Easily connect two layers in an After Effects comp with a controllable “S” curve. How controllable? Take a look at the controller view to the right.

The Curvy Connector preset is part of my new preset pack: Conigs Mixtape. The pack currently contains 10 presets and is available for $10. Math wizards might notice that’s only $1 per preset. And once you buy the pack, you’ll get updates and additions for free. But for each new preset added to the pack in the future, the new purchase price will go up by $1. So grab it now!

But because the AE community is awesome, I’m giving the initial version of Curvy Connector away for free (updates will live in Conigs Mixtape).

Download Curvy Connector (v15.0) -or- See more info on Conigs Mixtape