Mixtapes were once carefully curated and painstakingly crafted. Love and care went into each and every one. Hours would be spent picking just the right tracks, listening while each song was recorded, and carefully pausing the tape at just the right moment to get ready for the next song.

This is my mixtape for the After Effects community.

Conigs Mixtape is a collection of presets for Adobe After Effects. Each one was born out of a need from a project I’ve worked on and assembled with custom controls. From easier to control shapes to workflow utilities to type, each of these presets has saved so much time.

The cost is just $13 (or chip in more if you’d like to support future development). That’s just $1 per preset! And when you buy, you’ll also be getting future updates and additions for free! But for each new preset added in the future, the price will go up by $1. So buy now and think of it as an early adopter bonus.

A full preset list is available on the reference page.

$13+ - Buy now!

Compatibility: After Effects 2014 (13.2)+*
*Some presets may require newer version of AE.

Thanks to Andrew Embury for the logo!

The Presets

Grab the mixtape and get into your groove in After Effects.  Look good? Buy now for $13+!