Easily zero out errant position path tangents in After Effects!

You’ve done it a million times. You set position keyframes and adjust the handles to get that perfect curve. Then you go on to set the next keyframe only to have an extra handle pop out and make your layer drift in an unwanted direction, leaving you to eyeball the handle to get a straight line. You could set hold keyframes, but that's only if you don't want the layer to move between keyframes. And Default Spatial Interpolation to Linear still doesn't help when you might want a curve on just one side of a position keyframe.

With Zero Tangents, a single click will set the in, out, or both tangent handles to 0 for the selected position keyframes. It's both a ScriptUI panel and a KBar script that will make you and your keyframes happy.

Zero Tangents is a pay-what-you-want tool. Thanks for any support you can give.

$0+ - Get now!

Compatibility: After Effects CC (12.2)+*
*Untested with earlier versions

Zero Tangents is a ScriptUI panel that has three simple buttons:


Zeroes out the in tangent handle for selected position keyframes.


Zeroes out the out tangent handle for selected position keyframes.


Zeroes out both tangent handles for selected position keyframes.

Headless Use for KBar

Zero Tangents can also be used directly with KBar. Create a script button and point it to the script file. But default, the button will the act as the “Both” button. This can be changed or expanded by providing a script function.

In the button settings under "Script function or argument (optional)", enter either “in” or “out” (without quotation marks.) This can be used to set up individual buttons for each function while still only using one script file.

You can also define the following keyboard modifiers:

  • cmd
  • shift
  • alt
  • alt+cmd
  • shift+cmd
  • shift+alt

For example, entering “shift: in, alt: out” will zero both with no modifier, in with shift, and out with alt. “in, alt: out, shift: both” will default to in with no modifier, out with alt, and both with shift.