Money Matters

Creative Direction

Personal finance doesn’t have to be full of sleep-inducing lectures and boring graphs. Meet Stefon Walters—our finance whiz who swaps spreadsheets for straight talk in a refreshing take on financial literacy. A textured industrial filming set, tactile visuals, and self-filmed testimonials round out this unique project. 

You can see a deeper dive on the motion design in that case study.

Highlighted Responsibilities: Concepting, Art Direction, Animation

Client mPulse Mobile (self-produced)

Creative Direction Paul Conigliaro

Instructional Design, Writing Tom Godfrey

Design, Illustration Jeff Yang

Motion Design Paul Conigliaro

Production Rikshaw Films

Year 2020-2021

Mixed-media collages and layered textured elements gave the visuals a very tactile feel and allowed us to create some fun layouts. 


January 2021 wasn't exactly the ideal time to gather a film crew in a small studio. In the height of COVID, we needed a spacious set. This large industrial event space was the perfect fit to match the visuals used in other activities.

“1 thing’s for sure, 2 thing’s for certain, you’re very good at what you do lol”

-Stefon Walters

Money matters to everyone, and diverse voices were essential. We sought stories and questions from our own team and Stefon’s network. After curating to keep tight focus, we cast actors and encouraged their own spin. The result? Authentic smartphone-filmed narratives that delivered an honest view of personal finance.


Stefon was a true sport on set and off. His trust and collaborative spirit came though as we took photos to superimpose over stock of different retirement scenarios. He took it in stride, maybe even fueling ideas for his own golden years.

No financial advisors were harmed during this process.

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