Money Matters

Motion Design

Money Matters is a personal finance course taught by Stefon Walters on mPulse Mobile’s streaming education platform. 16 separate videos totalling roughly 45 minutes combined with several interactive activities to round out this project. Texture, grit, distressing, and physically-based transitions provided a tactile feel to the motion graphics and perfectly paired with the video set and other graphics.

Be sure to take a look at the creative direction case study for a deeper look at the approach to this project.

Client mPulse Mobile (self-produced)

Creative Direction Paul Conigliaro

Instructional Design, Writing Tom Godfrey

Design, Illustration Jeff Yang

Motion Design Paul Conigliaro

Production Rikshaw Films

Year 2021

On-screen graphics were presented either full- or split-screen depending on the complexity of the information. Panted wipe-transitions provided a consistent way to get into each graphic throughout the videos in the course. Type and illustrations were procedurally distressed to give a feeling of  a physical print with ink or toner.


Lower thirds… Lower thirds everywhere!

Lower thirds were used extensively. Instead of creating each as a separate asset, a relatively new feature of After Effects & Premiere Pro called Motion Graphic Templates was used (lovingly referred to as MOGRTs, rhymes with yogurts). Extensive controls were added to give every instance a unique look to keep the graphic fresh—everything from graphic format to procedural distressing.

To see most of the lower thirds (or if you really like financial terms) take a look at the supercut.

The overall simplicity of the visuals and design language used the graphics allowed for some fun experimentation with procedural distressing and templating.

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