New Sony 4k Projectors

While not ready for the home yet, Sony’s new 4k projectors look impressive. Each projects touts a 4,096×2,160 resolution with the T105 at 5,500 lumens and the T110 at 11,000. But at roughly $78,000 for the former and $120,000 for the latter, these are aimed squarely at large cinemas and museums (not to mention the fact that they’re being released in Japan in November). I’d still love to see some RED projects projected on one of these. I just might have to wait a bit.

Wired: Red Digital Cinema

Red Digital Cinema, creators of the Red One 4k camera, is profiled in Wired magazine this month. The Red One is an amazing piece of tech (though the post workflow is still continually evolving), and this piece by Michael Behar goes a long way in explaining why. Though John Gruber puts it more succinctly:

[The] Red One movie camera is, dollar-for-dollar, the best and most amazing camera in the world. It sells for $17,500 — but if you think that sounds expensive, consider that the equivalent film camera rents for $25,000 per month…