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I voted. Did you? Please, no matter your party or political affiliation, vote. There's no reason to complain about long lines or the inconvenience. If you don't vote and don't like the way the election turns out, you have no reason to complain. Period. Now vote!
November 4, 2008
Really? [...] he says the United States is a white, Christian nation - and only with white Christians should be in power. Republican vs Democrat ((Shouldn't we also be beyond a two-party system?)) aside, is this really how people still think?
October 22, 2008
Granted, the question is leading, but the answers given are very revealing. Now, I won't pidgeonhole all McCain-Palin supporters into this stereotype, but really? Interviewer: [Obama's] a terrorist? Woman: He's got the blood-lines. Interviewer: What does that mean? Woman: Just think about the name. There's not really much …
October 10, 2008
Wired blog Threat Level ran the speeches of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions through the website Wordle and posted the results. Developed by IBM, Wordle takes whatever text it is fed and creates "word clouds." The more frequently a word occurs, the larger it appears in …
September 7, 2008

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