Rural Advocacy

Creative Direction

Working on the Resource Sharing Project was incredibly rewarding. Their mission is to support program administrators and advocates for sexual assault survivors. Our focus was Rural Advocacy—a course delivering resources, advice, and firsthand accounts from those operating these programs in rural settings. Through natural photography, soft and vibrant graphics, and on-location filming of advocates, we achieved a compelling visual approach that celebrated the diversity of rural landscapes and perspectives.

Highlighted Responsibilities: Project Lead & Oversight, Art Direction, Remote Set Supervision

Client mPulse Mobile (self-produced)

Creative Direction Paul Conigliaro

Instructional Design, Writing Amy Conger

Design, Illustration Coley Lind

Motion Design, Illustration Julie Van Grol

Additional Illustration Allison Howle

Production Rikshaw Films

Year 2021-2022


We featured a variety of rural landscapes from across the U.S. in our course imagery. The broader landscapes with distinct silhouettes and the closer, textural photographs created a versatile visual language for the course.

Kacey walking down wooded path through filtered morning sunlight

“The overall visual impact is so beautiful, peaceful, and enjoyable […] this course gets me excited about advocacy again in a new and refreshing way.”

– Kacey, advocate


Because production was spread out between instruction, yoga demonstration, and on-location interviews, cost-efficiency was key. Instead of constructing a set or bringing in large art departments, we chose to film in inviting spaces with the feeling of natural light and work with existing furnishings.

To subtly tie the visual narrative together, we incorporated elements of our color palette with a few small props and talent-provided wardrobe.


The geographical diversity of our experts was a key narrative element. 

With budget in mind, a nimble two-person production crew visited each rural location. Interviewing and oversight were managed remotely from Minnesota via Zoom.


Our experts weren’t just talking heads—they spent time with the crew, revealing the unique challenges and opportunities within their communities. It was more than just a b-roll. It was a glimpse into the heart of rural advocacy.


The inclusion of ASL interpretation was non-negotiable.

This added both a key accessibility element and a creative challenge. Instead of a simple inset, our approach ensured seamless integration of ASL by placing the interpreter against a subtle gradient background within a stylized frame, aligning with the course’s visual aesthetics.


We assigned the interpretation thematically between the two ASL interpreters. One interpreter translated our instructor, the other our yoga demonstration, and interviews were shared between them.

Not being fluent in ASL, I was surprised at how straightforward it was to sync the interpretation to the original videos. I was also surprised and impressed by the emotion the interpreters were able to convey in their preformance.

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