Healthy Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness

Creative Direction

The Internet is full of “helpful” tips for people who are pregnant or expecting, often leaving them more confused than confident. Our goal for these two courses was simple—earn the trust of our learners, one baby bump at a time. That started with out expert Dr. Christine Sterling, board certified OB GYN and mother of 3. We framed her in courses that offered honesty, authenticity, and a sprinkle of humor.

Highlighted Responsibilities: Project Lead & Oversight, Concepting, Art Direction

Client mPulse Mobile (self-produced)

Creative Direction Paul Conigliaro

Instructional Design, Writing Amy Neely, Nate Matson

Design, Illustration Coley Lind

Motion Design, Illustration Allison Howle, Julie Van Grol

Production Rikshaw Films

Year 2020-2022

February 2021

photograph of Dr. Sterling with her family

May 2021

January 2022

Dr. Sterling didn't just talk the talk. Filming Healthy Pregnancy took place—fittingly—while she was pregnant with her third child. Just 8 months postpartum, she was back in the spotlight for Postpartum Wellness.


We needed a set that was more “comfy living room” and less “clinical doctor’s office” to keep the learner comfortable and at ease. The locaiton also had to be in San Diego, close to Dr. Sterling. Trading the icy Minneapolis winter for sunny California? We couldn't pack our bags fast enough. Of course, remote pre-production and filming in unfamiliar territory had its challenges. Luckily, our local crew was stellar, helping us transform spaces with our chosen artwork and set pieces that tied in with the course color palettes.

Forget the traditional pinks and blues—our aesthetic was a fresh blend of vibrant gradients, mixed organic and geometric forms, simple shapes, and subtle textures. Our photography strategy focused on the intimate, cropping to small moments to hone in on the emotional journey rather than the size of the belly.

Because everyone’s pregnancy journey is as unique as the baby names they choose, we cast several expecting women from around the United States. They gave us a candid look at the rollercoaster that is the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

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