Living with

Anxiety & Depression

Creative Direction

Anxiety and depression are difficult topics. We wanted a calming and playful feel to the course to put the learner at ease. Further, we aimed to distance ourselves from common tropes and approaches regarding mindfulness. Bright colors, a whimsical set, diverse imagery, and loose illustration work blended together in a refreshing approach.

Highlighted Responsibilities: Production Design, Art Direction, Co-Directing (Video)

Client mPulse Mobile (self-produced)

Creative Direction Paul Conigliaro

Instructional Design, Writing Nate Matson

Design, Illustration Jeff Yang

Motion Design, Illustration Allison Howle

Production Rikshaw Films

Year 2021

Video production took place against a vibrant set featureing tone-on-tone teal furniture and walls with small accents of yellow and green. Our talent and expert, Elisha Goldstein, was terrific to work with and brought a great energy to the screen.

“It looks Excellent! Loving my memories from being with you all.”



Serious doesn’t mean boring.

In this video we examined the stereotypes about mindfulness and broke away from both those preconceptions and the studio video approach. This was a fun demonstration we were able to put together. Nate and I also have a cameo.

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