How to Install Final Cut Studio 3

Yesterday, Apple quietly announced the new Final Cut Studio. The “what’s new” page actually has some nice features, though many I’ve talked to are surprised this is a full point upgrade to Final Cut Pro (myself included). There’s already comprehensive posts covering the new features and what they could mean. I really don’t have much to add.

Today, however, I am posting perhaps the most important link: How to Install Final Cut Studio 3. This is spot on from my own experience and a very comprehensive guide.

[via @editblog]

Marketing BS & Unwanted “Features”

Speaking of the Philips Cinema 21:9, Scott Simmons of Editblog fame has a post concerning, to put it bluntly, the bullshit of “picture enhancing features” on new TVs, specifically, Philps.  This sums up his feelings (and mine):

I call marketing bullshit on this TV.

I couldn’t have said it better. And I won’t. Go read Scott’s take on features like Ambilight, “Perfect Natural Motion,” and “distortion free” picture resizing. The general consensus is that none of it adds to the viewing experience in a positive way.

Safari 4 Beta Tabs

I may write up a more detailed post later, but I wanted to get this out there now.

Safari 4 Beta, like Google’s Chrome has the right idea about tabs, but the implementation is horrible.

What’s right:
The tab now encompasses the URL bar & navigation bar, which represents the contents of that tab.

What’s wrong:
The title bar should be a title bar, not a container for tabs.
The tab now also encompasses the Bookmark bar, which is not in any way associated with the content of the tab, except to provide quick navigation to those pages. It does not change with regard to the different tabs, so why is it included as part of the tab?

Tabs, which usefull, still provide with unique UI challenges. I’m glad to see steps taken in the right direction, but it’s still by no means utopia.

JVC’s Newest Camera with Quicktime Support

Just a quick note. JVC apparently announced the GY-HM100 at the FCPUG Supermeet at Macworld last night. The camera looks to record XDCAM-EX inside Quicktime to SD cards. This would mean going directly from camera to post with no transcoding/re-wrapping.

Scott Simmons has some details from JVC’s Japanese site. We should be hearing more today.

Update (8:56am CST): The link is up on JVC’s English site. [via editblog]