Conigs Mixtape

Conigs Mixtape is a collection of presets for Adobe After Effects. Each one was born out of a need from a project I’ve worked on and assembled with custom controls. Buy now and get updates and additions for free.

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10 Presets
After Effects CC2014 (v13.2)+

*Some presets may require a newer version of AE.

Key Cloner

Key Cloner is a script panel which lets you easily clone and/or reverse selected keyframes across multiple properties or layers in After Effects!

No more hoping you can paste multiple keyframes without getting duplicated effects or layers. And on the off-chance it does work, time-reversing those keyframes only to have to retime those keys anyway.

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ScriptUI Panel
After Effects CC (v12.2)+

*Untested with earlier versions of AE.


Wayfinder is a script for After Effects which allows you to attach and guide artwork along shapes layers… even complicated or animated ones! Select your shape layer, press a button, and get nulls attached to the outline of the shape! Each null has controls for position and offset. The main shape layer gains controls for trim and offset.

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Available on aescripts
After Effects CC2014+