Nearly True 3D Projection

The ICT Graphics Lab at USC has developed a 3D projection system. This is not your run-of-the-mill, 3D  glasses required projection. Rather, it uses a rotating mirror and specially designed circuitry with an off-the-shelf projector. The result is a projection which you can actually move around and view in 3D. You really have to watch the video on their page to get the full effect, or rather, partial effect. To get the full effect, I’d imagine you’d need to see it in person.

[via PromoMotion]

New Sony 4k Projectors

While not ready for the home yet, Sony’s new 4k projectors look impressive. Each projects touts a 4,096×2,160 resolution with the T105 at 5,500 lumens and the T110 at 11,000. But at roughly $78,000 for the former and $120,000 for the latter, these are aimed squarely at large cinemas and museums (not to mention the fact that they’re being released in Japan in November). I’d still love to see some RED projects projected on one of these. I just might have to wait a bit.