United Adworkers Local 208

It’s that time of year where Adworkers is renewing memberships & signing new people up. This year, they’re doing it with a threat. You might have already seen it, but they include The Clown in the post as extra motivation.

I should add that I will finally be joining this year. Steve Farr has finally worn me down. Joe Ban helped, too. Plus Dembro is a scarry clown. and I don’t want him stalking me.

What We Got: Brad Lichtenstiein & Transmedia

dsc_0168 Friend, fellow filmmaker, documentarian, and all-around-good-guy Brad Lichtenstein has just started his own blog. His entry on “transmedia” covers the unique way in which he and his fellow cohorts are approaching their new venture What We Got: DJ Spooky’s Journey to the Commons. While your or I may not be familiar with the term “transmedia,” most of us are familiar with its building blocks: Creative Commons, participatory culture, and even open source. It seems their goal is to not only raise awareness of “the commons,” but also to engage the audience in a way that it might not even be appropriate to call them (us) and audience anymore.

Imaginary Money

Is it any surprise that an economy based on imaginary money is failing? The next phase of this recession: credit card debt.

Joe Nocera published a letter from a banking executive describing the credit card industry:

Today, we are bailing out the banks because of their greedy and deceptive lending practices in the mortgage industry. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. More is coming, I’m sorry to say. Layoffs are being announced nationwide in the tens of thousands. As people begin to lose their jobs, they will not be able to pay their credit card bills either.

I never understood why exorbinant amounts of credit were so easy to get and so insanely pervasive, with little-to-no fact-checking. Sure, you sign someone up, give them more credit than they can really afford and rake in the money on interest. But that only works if they have the ability to pay.

[via Daring Fireball]


I voted. Did you?
Please, no matter your party or political affiliation, vote. There’s no reason to complain about long lines or the inconvenience. If you don’t vote and don’t like the way the election turns out, you have no reason to complain. Period.
Now vote!

Motion (Graphics || Design)

Motionographer currently has a poll simply asking “Motion Graphics” or “Motion Design”?

I’ve often toyed with the idea of referring to myself as a Motion Designer, though this post is mainly referring to the actual product or service itself.

(At the time of the posting, Motion Design is winning with 54% of the vote, Motion Graphics at 33%, and Neither at 11%.)

I’m Crying on the Inside

Granted, the question is leading, but the answers given are very revealing. Now, I won’t pidgeonhole all McCain-Palin supporters into this stereotype, but really?

Interviewer: [Obama’s] a terrorist?

Woman: He’s got the blood-lines.

Interviewer: What does that mean?

Woman: Just think about the name.

There’s not really much more I can add to that.

Listen, I’m not going to tell you how to vote. That’s a personal choice and I have no business doing that. But please, don’t base all your opinions on one candidate or the other on soundbites, derogotory ads, or what you think you heard on the news that one time.

If you can’t afford Particular

Andrew Kramer posted another tutorial in the Meteor Crash series. The best piece of advise from the tutorial:

Now, if you don’t have Particular, what you can do is go in your back yard, and get a pile of dirt together. Put it in your hand, along with a grenade… No, along with like, a small firecracker. And then… light it. And when your hand blows off, what you can do is sue the company that makes the fireworks. Take the money from the settlement, and then buy Particular… so we can do this tutorial together.

Really, he doesn’t get into Particular until part 2, though.